Kristen Stewart: Charlie's Angels reboot is 'woke'

Kristen Stewart: Charlie's Angels reboot is 'woke'

Kristen Stewart says the 'Charlie's Angels' reboot is "woke".

The 29-year-old actress will play one-third of the spy trio alongside Ella Balisnka and Naomi Scott in the reboot of the famous franchise - helmed by Elizabeth Banks - and insisted that although the remake is "grounded" the film is light-hearted and "still fun".

She said: "At one point I think we said it was woke and grounded, and everyone was like, 'Wait, is it still fun?' And I'm like, 'Yeah dude, obviously, it's 'Charlie's Angels'."

Elizabeth, 45, is the first woman to direct a 'Charlie's Angels' movie and will also star in the flick as Bosley, and 'Twilight' star Kristen has also teased that more women could appear in the film.

She added: "If you were to make that movie right now, there needs to be more than three girls. We're all in it together.

"There's an entire network of women across the entire world that are supporting each other. It feels really well-intentioned. And it's funny and weird, too, so hopefully people have fun watching it."

Kristen added that she's pleased she didn't injure herself while filming the stunt-filled flick, as she's usually very accident prone.

Speaking to Variety, she said: "This is the first movie I've ever done that was pretty active and I did not injure myself, I usually ram my head against the entire movie and go, 'Oh s**t, my head broke.'"

Elizabeth previously revealed that Kristen is "really funny" in the upcoming movie and shows off a side of her that "you don't often see in movies" because she is usually cast in drama roles.

She said: "I wanted Kristen to show off a side of herself you don't often see in her movies, she's really funny in this."