Lea Seydoux hails 'passionate' and 'cultured' Wes Anderson

Lea Seydoux hails 'passionate' and 'cultured' Wes Anderson

Lea Seydoux has hailed Wes Anderson as a "passionate" and "cultured" filmmaker.

The 'French Dispatch' actress is working with the director for the second time on the new drama comedy - having previously appeared in 204's 'Grand Budapest Hotel' - and she has recalled the special atmosphere he creates on set.

She told HeyUGuys.com: "It really feels like a family, you know? We had those dinners every night where we had passionate conversations and we spoke about cinema, art...

"It's true that it's a very special experience. It's not like making a random film. When you are with Wes, you really have the feeling that you share a very special experience.

"He's very passionate but also very cultured. Being around him... it feels like you learn a lot about cinema. It's rich. It is very interesting."

While film fans get a sense they're watching an Anderson movie from the get-go, Seydoux admitted it's the same for actors stepping into his words.

She added: "Yes, yes, yes! He's very visual and so every detail has been thought of, and he's very precise."

Meanwhile, the 36-year-old star also addressed 'The French Dispatch' - which is se in an outpost of a US newspaper in a fictional French city - as a love letter to journalism, and the need for people to switch off from "the modern world".

She said: "That's a real problem! Now, I feel that the digital world has become more important than the real world. I have the same problem, I'm too much on my phone.

"But I try to avoid certain things - for example, I don't have social media. I don't have any apps, which is weird.

"And I don't feel very comfortable with the modern world. In a way, I need to protect myself from it. Yeah, I like to read - but I wish I could more."