M. Night Shyamalan claims that good endings are simple

M. Night Shyamalan claims that good endings are simple

M. Night Shyamalan claims that it is simple to provide a movie with a good ending.

The 52-year-old director is famous for his major eleventh-hour plot twists in his work and he stressed that good filmmakers should make sure that all bases are covered when wrapping a project up.

Shyamalan – who has directed films such as 'The Sixth Sense' and 'Old' – told Jake's Takes: "What you're left with at the end of the movie should tell you what you saw... When you stick the landing you're giving them the keys to how to interpret everything that you watched, and I'm not just talking about plot.

"I'm talking about tone and the approach... When it's blurry, or you pick only one aspect of it, it throws you off because it's not speaking to the whole piece, the whole story."

The filmmaker is known for his guarded approach when making his projects and explained how has had to put more "thought" into keeping stories under wraps as his career has progressed.

He said: "It's something I give a lot of thought to now. In the earlier iteration of my career, I would make the film and hand it over to marketing but that's not been the case with my last four movies."

Shyamalan worries that film studios give audiences too much information about motion pictures and thinks that those behind the camera should be in control of the process.

The director said: "They are starting the story with you first before I get to tell the story. As we are telling the same story we should be in sync."