Mandalorian star Bill Burr 'never go on' Star Wars bandwagon

Mandalorian star Bill Burr 'never go on' Star Wars bandwagon

'The Mandalorian' star Bill Burr is "a jerk" to 'Star Wars' fans.

The 51-year-old comedian will plan as-yet-unnamed outlaw in Jon Favreau's highly anticipated Disney+ bounty hunter spin-off series, and while many actors would describe joining the space saga as a dream come true, for Burr it means something entirely different.

Speaking to 'The Rich Eisen Show', he said: "This is the thing, I've never been a sci-fi - I like 'Blade Runner', there was a movie Sam Rockwell did called 'Moon'.

"I like that sort of dark, creepy, Stanley Kubrick ['2001: A Space Odyssey'], I like that, I was never into the 'Star Wars' thing. By the time I saw it, I was just too old, they had like Ewoks and stuff, and I wanted to see 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High'.

"I missed the boat so I never got on it and I've religiously made fun of every one of them that came out. Just teasing - just because people are excited. I'm a jerk, you know? I see people get excited about something and I just make fun of it."

Meanwhile, the show's head honcho Favreau recently revealed he would love to take part in a new version of the 1978 'Star Wars Christmas Special', which has been panned by fans and critics over the past 40 years.

Over time, the musical spin-off - which sees Chewbacca and Han Solo heading to the Wookiee planet of Kashyyyk for 'Life Day' - has become something of a cult classic, but it only aired once and was never rebroadcast, with only bootleg copies now available now.

Favreau said: "I would love to do a 'Holiday Special'. If you want to see a 'Holiday Special', let Disney+ know."