Mark Wahlberg to star in Stu

Mark Wahlberg to star in Stu

Mark Wahlberg is to star in the faith-based film 'Stu'.

The 49-year-old actor has been cast in the drama flick, which marks the directorial debut for Rosalind Ross.

Little is known about the plot other than it is a faith-based film loosely based on a true story. According to Deadline, the project is very close to Mark's heart and has been in development for a number of years. It is believed that Wahlberg took the opportunity to move forward with the project when an opening appeared in his schedule.

Ross will pen the script for the film with Wahlberg producing with manager Stephen Levinson along with Jordan Foss. Miky Lee and Colleen Camp will serve as executive producers.

Mark was reportedly impressed with the first-time director Ross and knew that she was the right person to bring the story to the big screen – another element that has helped push the film into production.

Wahlberg has recently finished production on the movie 'Uncharted'. He had signed up to play the lead role of Nathan Drake a decade ago, but the film was never made and he's now going to play Victor Sullivan – the mentor of Tom Holland's Drake.

Mark admits that he is fine about playing an older character as he thinks it looks "weird" when actors try to "hold on to youth".

The 'Daddy's Home' star said: "I was attached to a movie for a decade called 'Uncharted', which is based on the video game, playing Nathan Drake. Cut to now and I'm playing the old guy. Yeah. Tom Holland is Nathan Drake!'

"There are certain people who try to hold on to youth and you have these kind of weird movies where older guys are paired up with younger actresses, and we all know how unfair that is. I'm more driven now than ever before and I'm also more comfortable in my own skin."