Martin Scorsese urges people not to watch The Irishman on their phones

Martin Scorsese urges people not to watch The Irishman on their phones

Martin Scorsese has urged people not to watch 'The Irishman' on their phones.

The gangster film is now available to stream on Netflix, in addition to being released in cinemas, but Martin does not want viewers to experience the movie on their mobiles.

Speaking to film critic Peter Travers on YouTube show, 'Popcorn with Peter Travers', Martin said: "I would suggest - if you ever want to see one of my pictures, or most films - please, please don't look at it on a phone, please. An iPad, a big iPad, maybe."

The 'Goodfellas' director added that he wouldn't know how to make a film that could be watched on a phone.

Martin said: "I don't know how to do it. I wish I could, I don't know how. No, I don't get it."

'The Irishman' runs for three-and-a-half hours but Martin hopes that viewers will watch the film from start to finish in one sitting.

He explained: "It was an interesting narrative structure, and it got me involved each time. In a funny way, I think I made it to cover all the bases in terms of how you could watch this picture.

"Ideally, I'd like you to go to a theatre, look at it on a big screen from beginning to end. And I know, it's long - you gotta get up, you gotta go to the bathroom, that sort of thing, I get it - but also at home, I think if you can make a night of it, or an afternoon thereof, and know that you're not gonna answer the phone or you're not gonna get up too much, it might work."

The legendary filmmaker has previously defended his decision to partner with Netflix on the project, suggesting that it was the only studio prepared to fund the 'de-ageing' CGI, which is used in 'The Irishman' to make the cast appear younger in some scenes.