Matthew Stafford would draft Leonardo DiCaprio to play him in a movie

Matthew Stafford would draft Leonardo DiCaprio to play him in a movie

NFL star Matthew Stafford wants Leonardo DiCaprio to play him in a movie.

The LA Rams quarterback - who will play in the Super Bowl on Sunday (13.02.22) - would love to draft the Hollywood actor in a film to play him, because he is a "special actor".

He said: "It’s a great question, I have no idea. I’ll say Leonardo DiCaprio.

"He’s one of my favourites. Big time actor, special actor."

Stafford admitted he isn't sure how good DiCaprio is at throwing - a vital attribute for a quarterback - but believes the movie's special effects could step in to fix that if it was to be an issue.

He added to Access Hollywood: "I don’t know how he is at throwing the football, but [with] modern technology, I’m sure we can make it look good."

Last month, the American football star's wife Kelly Stafford told how DiCaprio licked the ear of Sarah Ryan - the wife of Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan - when the Staffords and the Ryans ran into the actor while on holiday.

Speaking about playing drinking game Picolo, Kelly said: "As the game goes along, the challenges get, I would say, a little dirtier.

"So we're getting to this point - and we are all hammered - Leo gets the phone and it says, ‘Leo, lick Sarah's ear four times or drink six sips.' My eyes just get huge. Why can't my name be Sarah?

"He gets up quickly, and slowly walks over to Sarah and I'm looking at Sarah like, ‘Holy s***. Holy s***.'

"He squats slowly ... and just goes after Sarah's ear and I'm like, ‘God I wish I was videoing this so we had video evidence.' "

Stafford was instrumental in the Rams booking a Super Bowl spot at their own SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, where they will face the Cincinnati Bengals this weekend.

He joined the Rams last year after he was traded from the Detroit Lions, who had selected him first in the 2009 NFL Draft.