Mckenna Grace to lead Spider and Jessie cast

Mckenna Grace to lead Spider and Jessie cast

Mckenna Grace is to lead the cast of 'Spider and Jessie'.

The 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife' actress is set to appear alongside Jesse Williams, Jojo Regina, Dacre Montgomery, Forrest Goodluck, Fernanda Andrade, and Malia Baker in the motion picture.

According to Deadline, Grace and Regina will play the movie's titular sisters Spider and Jessie respectively.

The motion picture will tell the story of the two sisters who are left terrified that they will be separated after their mother fatally overdoses.

What's more, 16-year-old Grace and 41-year-old Williams will serve as executive producers on the film.

Grace said: "I’m so grateful to be a part of this important story about addiction and how it affects not only the addict but those around them.

"I was aware of how prevalent drug use and addiction was, but in doing this film, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of just how big of a problem it is.

"Many of our own cast and crew have shared their experiences and it’s heart-breaking.

"Doing this is more than just making a film, it’s creating and being a part of something that is bigger than ourselves."

Williams added: "I am honoured to join this incredible producing team and cast led by the words and direction of Dan Kay.

"Shining a light on the shared human conditions that lead to and from addiction, provides us an opportunity to examine our compassion for those impacted today as well as for those pathologised in our recent past."

Dan Kay will direct the movie from his own script.

He said: "I’ve been interested in telling stories about addiction and the opioid epidemic for years because, like millions of Americans, I have seen first-hand how this insidious disease not only destroys the life of the addict but tears apart the fabric and foundation of the addict’s family.

"This damage - the collateral damage caused by addiction - compelled me to tell this heart-breaking but vital story about opioid orphans."