Michael Sheen credits Disney movies for his success

Michael Sheen credits Disney movies for his success

Michael Sheen credits watching Disney films for his success.

The 52-year-old actor has been praised for portraying real-life figures such as former Prime Minister Tony Blair and broadcaster Sir David Frost in biographical movies and says he learned how to mimic others through flicks such as 'Snow White' and 'Monsters Inc' when watching with his daughter Lily.

Speaking on 'The Andy Jaye Podcast', he said: "When my daughter Lily was a little kid we'd watch films and she would want us to be the characters.

"So if we watched 'Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs' she wanted to be Snow White and I'd have to be all seven dwarfs. So I had to come up with the voices and all that kind of stuff.

"I started to realise that I could sound like the voices of the character from the films, whether it was 'Monsters Inc' or whatever."

Despite his reputation for playing real people on screen, Michael always fears that his portrayals may not be accepted by audiences.

The 'Prodigal Son' star said: "With every single one I always think: 'This has been a terrible mistake, people are not going to accept me as this person, it's going to be awful' and I am always relieved, surprised and thrilled when people take me seriously."

The Welsh actor recently said that he was inspired to pursue a career on screen because of the success of compatriots Richard Burton and Sir Anthony Hopkins, who both come from his hometown of Port Talbot.

Michael said: "Growing up in Wales, let alone in Port Talbot, the voice of Richard Burton is one of the most recognised there is, next to your own mother.

"You grow up with it, the extraordinary myth of a man, the legend of Richard Burton. Then there's Anthony Hopkins, a man I've come to appreciate as one of the best actors of all time."