Michelle Dockery struggled with pongy Downton Abbey costumes

Michelle Dockery struggled with pongy Downton Abbey costumes

Michelle Dockery had to cope with smelly costumes on 'Downton Abbey'.

The 40-year-old actress plays Lady Mary Talbot in the big-screen sequel 'Downton Abbey: A New Era' and insists that the costumes now have a "gorgeous" odour but were more pungent when the TV series first began.

Speaking at the film's world premiere in London on Monday (25.04.22) evening, Michelle said: "This has become such a thing.

"The costumes are absolutely beautiful and they all smell gorgeous. In the early days, there were a few very, very old costumes that we wore. They are incredible costumes and everybody smells lovely."

Michelle's character takes a more prominent role in the movie and she embraced the extra responsibility that has been handed to Lady Mary.

The 'Anatomy of a Scandal' star said: "It's great. She is really taking on her responsibilities and her role within the house and she's really enjoying it. She likes being the boss."

Dockery felt that it was "special" to reunite with her co-stars for the second movie based on the period drama, which was initially a hugely successful TV series.

She explained: "It's so special. We loved getting back and filming together and being here tonight is such a celebration of the work everybody did."

Michelle did not get to join her co-stars in the south of France during filming and was "envious" that she missed out on shooting in the sun.

She said: "I was so envious of them all on the beach."