Nathalie Emmanuel: Having my mom on set of The Invitation was useful

Nathalie Emmanuel: Having my mom on set of The Invitation was useful

Nathalie Emmanuel has said that having her mother visit her on set of 'The Invitation' was useful while she shot a dramatic scene.

The 33-year-old actress stars as a young woman who is caught up in a Gothic conspiracy at the hands of a mysterious waiter- played by Thomas Doherty - after the death of her mother and explained that on the day she shot a dramatic scene that her mother Debbie was on set to watch.

She said: "Interestingly, the day that we shot that scene or when most of that performance happened, my mum was visiting me on set, and the door in which I was banging against, trying to get out, my mom was actually set up in a little... had a little sort of monitor and headphones watching, and she was on the other side of that door, and it was amazing how useful that was."

The former 'Game of Thrones' actress went on to explain that while having loved ones on set is not always "conducive" to filming, on this particular occasion it worked because her character was trapped and needed to get to the person she loved.

She told Collider: "Usually, having your loved ones on set doesn't necessarily... isn't always conducive to good performance 'cause it takes you out of the character that you're doing. But there was something about being like, 'I need to get to the other side of this door and get to my mom.' They'd locked the door, they had someone sort of standing behind it, and it was almost just using that 'I need to get to the person that I love or get out of here to get to that person,' was really useful. I remember just feeling devastated, absolutely devastated and panicked and terrified. That day that we did that. My mom was literally on the other side of that, and I was a bit like, 'Mom are you all right?' afterwards. She was like, 'Yeah I didn't like that.' Didn't like me screaming like that."

'The Invitation' is in cinemas now.