Pam Bales 'didn't know' who Naomi Watts was

Pam Bales 'didn't know' who Naomi Watts was

Pam Bales didn't know who Naomi Watts was when the actress was hired to play her in 'Infinite Storm'.

The movie tells the real-life tale of the experienced climber, who, after turning back to avoid an incoming blizzard while ascending Mt Washington, encountered a stranded man and tried to get them both to safety before the storm hit.

And while Pam wasn't aware of the 'Impossible' actress when she was cast, she is thrilled it was the Australian star who brought her story to life.

She told Screen Rant: "I've got to admit that I don't go to the movies much because of what I do. I'd heard her name - sorry, Naomi, I had to look you up. But my kids knew of her name, so they said, 'Mom, you couldn't have a [better] person.' I totally agree."

Pam was amazed that anyone wanted to make a film about her.

She laughingly recalled: "I said, 'Oh, get out of here!' No, I'm just Pam, so who would want to see a story about me? But it looked good, and everything come together."

Meanwhile, Naomi paid tribute to Pam's "resilience" and "compassionate" nature.

Asked what she's learned from speaking to Pam, she said: "How resilient she is; courageous and kind and compassionate. All the things that are great reminders that in today's world, I need to know and be close to those kinds of people. I think we all crave that kind of person.

"But also, she's just deeply compassionate and understands what suffering and loneliness and pain is. And that is why she goes out there to the mountains and uses nature as a powerful resource of healing.

"There are these answers right there for you; for everyone. Whether it's the mountains or the park or the beach or wherever you can get close to, nature is wise and wonderful and available."