Paul Feig: Ghostbusters backlash was 'terrible'

Paul Feig: Ghostbusters backlash was 'terrible'

Paul Feig thinks the backlash towards his 'Ghostbusters' remake was "terrible".

The 57-year-old filmmaker helmed the reimagining of the supernatural comedy with a female-led cast in 2016, but the movie flopped with audiences and received an online backlash - although Paul is still "proud" of the project.

He told The Daily Beast: "Look, it was terrible. It was a terrible time. I'm so proud of the movie.

"It found its audience, and people really love it. I get inundated by people constantly who really love it.

"You still get the people though who write nasty stuff, and you're like, man, it's been four years - you've got to let it go. You've really got to let it go."

The 'Bridesmaids' director loves that the film was honoured with a Kid's Choice Award.

Paul explained: "The greatest moment that happened for me, after all that c*** that was thrown at us, was we won the Kid's Choice Award for Favourite Movie.

"We beat 'Captain America', 'Rogue One'. Every time I comment on it someone brings up more s***.

"I love the film, I'd love to make another one, and we have a fan base - which is the most important thing."

Paul also revealed he is keen to make a sequel to his 2015 movie 'Spy', although it's been complicated by Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox.

He explained: "The issue is that Disney bought Fox, so it's technically a Disney property.

"I don't want to make a 'Spy' sequel that isn't R-rated, because that's part of that movie - to be outrageous with it, and realistic at the same time - and I don't know if there's any appetite at Disney to let us make an R-rated version.

"But that's one movie sequel that I want to make, and that I know would stand up, and I know what the story would be that would be really funny. Melissa (McCarthy), we've talked about a bunch of times. And I love Jason (Statham). I think everyone would be on board for it."