Pilou Asbæk is not 'married' to any acting decisions on set

Pilou Asbæk is not 'married' to any acting decisions on set

Pilou Asbæk is "not married" to any acting decisions on set.

The 40-year-old actor stars as stalker Ethan in the new horror movie 'Run Sweetheart Run' - which is directed by Shana Feste and features Ella Balinska as a single mother who finds herself hunted by a monstrous assailant - and explained that he is always "open to interpretations" because he finds it "boring" to always play a character in the same way throughout every take.

He said: "Creating a character like Ethan is always interesting. It's a collaboration between the writer, the director, your co-host, and you, and costume and settings and cinematographer, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. So you bring something to the table, and people will help you create the image that the director wants, and you take it from there. I'm not married to any decisions. I feel it's something that happens between you and me. And I think you should be open for different interpretations, et cetera. If you do the same scene the same way 25 times, how boring is that? You know what I mean? It's just boring. And he's not based on anyone I met. It's not like, 'Oh, it's my dad.'"

Meanwhile, the former 'Game of Thrones' star went on to add that he is particularly "proud" of a scene in which his character goes to prison because even though he felt "frustrated and angry and upset" when it wasn't coming together, it ended up being one of best scenes he has ever done.

He told ScreenRant: "The scene that I'm very proud of—that's the prison scene. There's a scene in a prison, which I love because there are so many layers, and he's so psychotic, but also very polite and playful and furious. The reason why the scene became like it did was because within like two hours of recording, it didn't work. It just didn't work. And Shana was like, 'I don't know if it's the writing, if it's the lines, it's just not working.' I felt so frustrated and angry and upset. I just went like, 'Let me just take all that anger and frustration, all that mushy-mushiness, and channel it through the scene.'

"And it ended up being probably one of my favourite scenes I've ever done in my life."

'Run Sweetheart Run' is out now on Amazon Prime Video.