Rhys Ifans joins cast of Nyad

Rhys Ifans joins cast of Nyad

Rhys Ifans has signed up to star in the Netflix movie 'Nyad'.

The film is based on marathon swimmer Diana Nyad's bestselling autobiography 'Find A Way' and is being directed by Oscar-winning filmmakers Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin. Annette Bening and Jodie Foster are both set to appear in the movie.

The flick follows the remarkable story of Nyad who, aged 64, became the first person to complete the 'Everest of swims' from Cuba to Florida through dangerous open water.

Rhys will play John Bartlett, the Florida-based boat designer and captain of the catamaran that accompanied Nyad on her swim.

Bartlett strategically planned and navigated Nyad's swim through the Florida Straits and was aware of the impact that the weather and ocean currents would have on her journey.

Annette is portraying Nyad, with Jodie starring as her coach and longtime friend Bonnie Stoll.

Ann Biderman and Julia Cox have adapted the script with Andrew Lazar and Teddy Schwartzman producing the movie.

Rhys recently appeared as Rasputin in 'The King's Man' and says that he loved playing the "larger than life" Russian historical figure in the prequel to the 'Kingsman' spy franchise.

The 54-year-old star said: "Rasputin, I think that's the case for all the characters, you have to play something for real.

"But in Rasputin's case, Rasputin is such a larger-than-life figure anyway, if he walked into a room now in real life, you wouldn't believe it I imagine. All the anecdotal evidence for him is that he was hypnotic, he had this incredible physical presence that was at once attractive and repellent."