Robert Pattinson glad of filming break

Robert Pattinson glad of filming break

Robert Pattinson was feeling "a little bit loopy" before 'The Batman' halted filming.

The 34-year-old actor admitted it was "strange" to have paused work on the movie due to the coronavirus pandemic as things were going well but suggested he was glad to take a break as he went straight into filming scenes as the Caped Crusader from completing work on Christopher Nolan's upcoming movie 'Tenet'.

Reflecting on the pause in production, he told Total Film magazine: "We'd really gotten into a really good rhythm as well, so it's kind of strange to be pausing.

"But, again, it's a hard movie.

"I mean, obviously it's 'Batman', so it's kind of nice. I basically went straight from Chris' movie into that. And, yeah, I was feeling a little bit loopy anyway.

"So having some time off is not the worst thing in the world. But hopefully it'll be sooner rather than later that everything is hopefully in a better place."

Robert joked that being a movie star left him well prepared for lockdown.

He said: "The thing is, on every single movie, there's so much time just pacing around hotel rooms. I'm definitely quite well trained for it."

The British star also reflected on a "very, very intense" weekend which saw him learn he'd landed the lead role on 'The Batman' during his first day on set for 'Tenet'.

Asked about rumours he'd got the call when he started working on 'Tenet', he confirmed: "The morning of the first day. It was kind of insane. It was a very, very intense weekend. That was a crazy way to start Chris's film. I think I was doing the screen test, as well, on the Saturday before I started."