Robert Rodriguez says Netflix wants to recreate Spy Kids success

Robert Rodriguez says Netflix wants to recreate Spy Kids success

Netflix hopes Robert Rodriguez can recreate the success of 'Spy Kids'.

The 53-year-old filmmaker has revealed that the streaming service approached him about making a movie franchise, having previously enjoyed huge success as the director of the 'Spy Kids' films.

He explained: "My most rabid fanbase all these years, by far, has been my kid films. My 'Spy Kids' audience. These kids watch those movies over and over because they're action films made for children and families, in particular at a time when they need empowerment.

"Netflix came to me because the 'Spy Kids' movies had done just so well on their service. They said 'Could you make a series of films that do that?' And I said, 'I'd love to!'"

Robert subsequently wrote and directed 'We Can Be Heroes' last year.

And after the success of the first film, Netflix wasted no time in ordering a sequel.

Asked whether he will be directing the sequel, Robert - who previously helmed 'From Dusk till Dawn' - told Collider: "Oh, absolutely. I love making those films. They're so creative. The adults have a great time too. Most of the adults in the cast had kids too that couldn't watch any of their movies. So it's a great building of a world.

"My own children work on the films. So it's like a family affair. It's family time. You're making products for other families, and you're checking all the boxes, living the best life."