Rufus Sewell needed a large bum double for Prince Andrew scene in Scoop

Rufus Sewell needed a large bum double for Prince Andrew scene in Scoop

Rufus Sewell wore a massive prosthetic bottom for a nude scene in 'Scoop'.

The 56-year-old actor stars as Prince Andrew in the Netflix film about the royal's calamitous 'Newsnight' interview and revealed that a bum double was required for a scene in which the Duke of York flashes his bare backside after climbing out of the bath.

Rufus told the Radio Times: "It's not that I'm ashamed of my own. I get it out whenever I get the chance – but this bum was specially shipped in."

The 'Victoria' actor revealed that he underwent a lengthy process to be transformed into the disgraced prince and explained that he needed to perfect the "Windsor clenched jaw" for Andrew's voice in interview scenes with Gillian Anderson – who portrays former BBC journalist Emily Maitlis.

Sewell said: "Andrew actually has this blokey quality. If you listen to him, as opposed to King Charles, he has a lad's lad quality.

"He's Randy Andy who chats up the working girls when he visits the factory."

The star added: "I did say: 'What's your plan for the physicality of it?'

"Ever since I left drama school and did my first few roles, I've always wanted to get back to roles that allowed me to transform."

Rufus previously confessed that he became "obsessed" with watching footage of Prince Andrew – particularly in the royal's younger days as he wanted to draw on more than just the Maitlis interview.

He said: "I just obsessed with watching the interview and watching him.

"I watched a lot of footage of him when he was younger and at his best because one of the temptations is to avoid anything that seems to show him in a good light. It's quite a responsibility."