Rufus Sewell regrets A Knight's Tale hangovers

Rufus Sewell regrets A Knight's Tale hangovers

Rufus Sewell regretted his hangovers when filming 'A Knight's Tale'.

The 53-year-old actor starred alongside the late Heath Ledger in the 2001 medieval flick and confessed that being worse for wear while dressed in armour was "not pleasant".

Rufus said: "I am very fond of that film and those memories. Me and Heath (Ledger) were very close and we did have a riotous good time. I learned that is not a pleasant experience."

The 'Hercules' star also revealed that wearing armour presented him with a number of practical challenges during filming for Brian Helgeland's movie.

He recalled to the Metro newspaper: "I would pour water into it, and you would see steam come out. And working out how to smoke through my visor, that was a feat of engineering. These are the problem an actor has."

Rufus' new movie is M. Night Shyamalan's 'Old', which centres on a group of people trapped on a beach who are rapidly ageing, although he admits that is content at growing older.

Asked if he was spooked by the ageing effects on the movie, Rufus said: "Quite the opposite! I am not someone who is neurotic about getting older – I mean, I actually quite like it, up to a point.

"I enjoy the process of getting older because it took me a while to get rid of ideas that I had about myself that weren't helpful.

"That said, I am 53 now and sometimes I look in the mirror and think: 'Ugh!'.

Rufus opened up on the lengthy make-up process on the movie and how realistic the work was.

He explained: "For 'Old', I would sit in a make-up chair for four hours and have them add 25 years on me and, because the make-up was so good, by the end of the day I would think that that's my face."