Sarah Paulson-starring Run moves to Hulu

Sarah Paulson-starring Run moves to Hulu

Sarah Paulson's movie 'Run' will no longer receive a theatrical release in the US.

The horror thriller, which also stars newcomer Kiera Allen, had been due to be released into cinemas by Lionsgate on 8 May, to coincide with Mother's Day weekend because of the film's themes of motherhood gone wrong, but it will now stream on Hulu after the original plans were disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a number of broadcasters were keen to land the rights to the film and it will still be released theatrically in selected international markets.

Director Aneesh Chaganty said: "We're super excited audiences will get to stream 'Run' on Hulu, a platform that's really committed to giving the movie the same, big splash that was always intended for it.

"Plus, the film is about a girl who's been quarantined at home her whole life; watching it the same way should be a fitting experience in 2020."

A premiere date has yet to be announced by Hulu.

The movie centres on the relationship between Sarah's character and her wheelchair-bound daughter, who is played by Kiera. The mother has raised her child in total isolation since birth, but when the teenager begins to understand the unsettling secrets around her, she ends up in the fight of her life.

Hulu has been adding to its slate of original films, including 'Palm Springs', which was its most watched movie premiere ever, 'Big Time Adolescence' and upcoming comedy 'The Binge', as well as 'Run'.

Sarah is best known for her work on the 'American Horror Story' franchise but, along with co-star Evan Peters, opted not to star in the ninth installment of Ryan Murphy's anthology series, though she's keen to return again in the future.

She said recently: "I would like to do something with Evan.

"I miss Evan and I miss acting with Evan. So I'd love to have that experience again. If he'll come back, I'm back.

"It's hard to not be a part of it. I would love to [return for Season 10]. I need to be a part of it again."