Seth Rogen 'horrified' to be a mentor

Seth Rogen 'horrified' to be a mentor

Seth Rogen finds it "horrifying" that he's been regarded as a mentor to the 'Good Boys' stars.

The 'Long Shot' actor produced the movie and guided the three young lead cast members - Jacob Tremblay, 12, Keith L. Williams, 12, and Brady Noon, 13 - on the ins and outs of comedy.

Speaking to Variety on being a mentor, Seth said: "That's truly a horrifying thing to hear. I specifically did not try to teach them anything but I would say that's very nice, very flattering, and maybe a failure on their parents' part."

One of the things the cast learned from Seth was improvisation.

On the actor-turned-producer, Brady said: "Seth is such a top-tier actor. Everyone knows who Seth Rogen is. I feel like [improv] is a very important skill in different genres, not just comedy; drama, romance, everything, action."

Keith continued: "I love improving now. I would say 90% of the movie is improv."

Seth and fellow producer Evan Goldberg was happy to work with people who "aren't jaded by years in Hollywood" as it made the movie feel more authentic.

But Seth joked: "It's nice to think we might be the ones who jade them."

Although raunchy, the two producers made sure that scenes would make them genuinely laugh as they didn't want to add swearing for "swearing's sake" since the actors are still children.

Seth, who is known for his raunchy movies such as 'Pineapple Express' and 'Superbad', wanted to make sure the kids stayed innocent.

Writer Lee Eisenberg said: "Even as we edited the movie...we had some of that where it just felt kind of unnecessary. It didn't feel like that was the best version of it. We really wanted the kids to feel really sweet and innocent while we were throwing them into these adult situations."