Sir Ridley Scott slams 'boring as s***' superhero films

Sir Ridley Scott slams 'boring as s***' superhero films

Sir Ridley Scott has branded superhero films as "boring as s***".

The 'House of Gucci' director has slammed movies in the genre for the lack of quality in the stories and suggested that flicks in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are too reliant on "special effects".

Ridley told Deadline: "The best films are driven by the characters, and we'll come to superheroes after this if you want, because I'll crush it. I'll f***ing crush it. They're f***ing boring as s***."

The acclaimed filmmaker claims that he has directed three epic superhero films and suggested poor scripts are to blame for his lack of love for the genre.

Ridley said: "Their scripts are not any f***ing good. I think I've done three great superhero movies. One would be 'Alien' with Sigourney Weaver. One would be f***ing 'Gladiator', and one would be ('Blade Runner').

"They're superhero movies. So, why don't the superhero movies have better stories? Sorry. I got off the rail, but I mean, c'mon. They're mostly saved by special effects, and that's becoming boring for everyone who works with special effects, if you've got the money."

Ridley also confirmed that the script for a prospective sequel to 'Gladiator' has already been penned.

The director said: "Oh, it's been written. It's already been written. We have a good footprint, a good, logical place to go. You can't just do another 'Gladiator' type movie.

"You've got to follow... there's enough components from the first one to pick up the ball and continue it."

Ridley also revealed that he wasn't a big fan of Roman epics prior to helming the 2000 movie that starred Russell Crowe and won the Oscar for Best Picture.

He explained: "I love doing period films. I love the research. I love to create sort of smells of the period. I think what we did with the first 'Gladiator'... I don't like being critical of other things that have happened before, but I wasn't the biggest fan of Hollywood Roman epics, honestly."