Sonic The Hedgehog 2 breaks box office record for best video game adaptation

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 breaks box office record for best video game adaptation

'Sonic The Hedgehog 2' has broken a box office record for the highest-grossing debut for a video game adaptation.

According to Variety, the sequel to the 2020 film based on the SEGA game outsold 'Morbius' and 'Ambulance', grossing over $71 million dollars in its opening weekend.

That's significantly more than the original, which earned $58 million in comparison.

It's no surprise that a third movie in the live-action series was recently confirmed, while Idris Elba, the voice of Knuckles, is getting his own spin-off series on Paramount Plus.

Paramount announced: "#SonicMovie3 is officially in development from @ParamountPics and @SEGA! Plus, next year a new original #Knuckles series with @IdrisElba is coming to #ParamountPlus. #SonicMovie2 hits theaters April 8! (sic)"

In light of Jim Carrey, who plays Dr. Ivo Robotnik, recently announcing he is planning to retire, 'Sonic 2' producers Toby Ascher and Neal H Moritz, have ruled out recasting the character for the third film.

Toby told IGN: "Jim Carrey is always a member of the Sonic family and he'll always have a place in these movies and TV shows as long as he'd like to be around.

"We love Jim and he's so special, and what he does with Robotnik is so incredible. We would love him as long as he'd like to be there with us."

Neal added: "And I have a feeling that he loves Robotnik so much that I don't think he'll be able to walk away from it."

Asked if they'd get another actor to take on the role, the latter replied: "No, we wouldn't even try."

The 60-year-old Hollywood star insisted he's "done enough" with his career and is ready to lead a "quiet life" out of the spotlight, though he admitted being offered a "really important" project could change his mind.

Asked about Dolly Parton's recent comments that she'd love Jim to play her music partner Porter Wagoner in her biopic, he said: "Well, I’m retiring. Yeah, probably. I’m being fairly serious.

"It depends, if the angels bring some sort of script that’s written in gold ink that says to me that it’s going to be really important for people to see, I might continue down the road but I’m taking a break.

"I really like my quiet life and I really like putting paint on canvas and I really love my spiritual life and I feel like, and this is something you might never hear another celebrity say as long as time exists – I have enough. I’ve done enough. I am enough."