Tobin Bell to return as Jigsaw in Saw X

Tobin Bell to return as Jigsaw in Saw X

Tobin Bell is to return as Jigsaw in the next 'Saw' film.

The 80-year-old actor is coming back to the horror franchise as antagonist John Kramer/Jigsaw in 'Saw X', which is due to be released in October 2023.

Tobin's return to the horror franchise fulfils the aims of Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures to make a movie that captures everything that 'Saw' fans have enjoyed about previous films while also keeping them guessing with a new mystery to solve.

Franchise veteran Kevin Greutert – who directed 'Saw VI' and 'Saw: The Final Chapter' – is behind the camera for the latest movie.

Jigsaw is the villain at the heart of the 'Saw' films. The former civil engineer is dying of colon cancer and subsequently decides to test others' will to live with a series of deadly games.

The character appeared in the first three 'Saw' movies before being killed off and has featured via flashbacks in most of the movies that have followed.

Producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules said: "What a thrill to be reuniting with Tobin.

"His performance as John Kramer is part of the magic that made this franchise a phenomenon and his character is an active part of this film."

Tobin previously revealed that he approaches every acting role in the same way.

He said: "I approach every role that I play, whether he's as you call it a villainous character or this one, the same way.

"You want to know who am I? Aware of what do I want, when do I want it, how am I going to get it?

"I ask a lot of questions and I start answering those questions, and then those open up more questions. You never have answered all the questions by the time the camera rolls, but hopefully, you've answered enough of them so that you can play the character without going completely insane and feeling like a fake actor."