'We're just getting to know each other': Jared Leto hints at future Morbius movies

'We're just getting to know each other': Jared Leto hints at future Morbius movies

Jared Leto has hinted at future 'Morbius' films.

The 50-year-old actor stars as Dr. Michael Morbius in the Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster, and he teased “we’re just getting to know each other" when asked about future 'Morbius' films.

Jared continued: “This is us kind of at that first step forward and I just think if you look at Wolverine, you look at Batman, you look at a lot of these films and they evolve over time. You know, there’s a relationship that develops there and who knows. But the Sinister Six head to head with Spider-Man, we’ll see what the future holds.”

In the interview with IMDb.com, the 'House of Gucci' star - who was transformed into Paolo Gucci with prosthetics - also revealed why he "fought for CGI" to be used instead for Morbius.

He said: “Initially we were going to use prosthetics, but I really fought for CG! Obviously, it’s the future and it was exciting to work with these incredible people that are on the cutting-edge of technology… I just thought it would give us a lot more freedom."

The 30 Seconds to Mars frontman explained how prosthetics can limit the way you "move and express" yourself.

The 'Suicide Squad' star added: “Well it’s exciting! You know, the mask is interesting for an actor, because it conceals, but it also can reveal a part of who you are. “Wearing prosthetics can be fascinating. It can affect the way you move and express [yourself]. Conversely, CG has its limitations and its benefits.”

Despite the setback of being delayed, the movie earned a whopping $17.1 million on its opening day (01.04.22) and is predicted to make $41.5 million at the box office this opening weekend.