Willem Dafoe and Peter Sarsgaard join Pet Shop Boys cast

Willem Dafoe and Peter Sarsgaard join Pet Shop Boys cast

Willem Dafoe and Peter Sarsgaard have joined the cast of 'Pet Shop Boys'.

The pair will appear in the romantic thriller alongside newcomers Dario Yazebek Berna and Jack Irv, who will lead the cast in their roles as two young guys who have an affair while exploring the New York underbelly.

Olmo Schnabel - whose father is filmmaker and painter Julian Schnabel - will make his big screen directorial debut with the motion picture.

Schnabel told Variety: "Someone once said, ‘If you can’t surprise yourself, how can you expect to surprise anyone else,’ and I am absolutely surprised.

"This film always seemed like an impossibility or like something that was unachievable.

"We all made something with love that I think will be very special. I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to have been able to collaborate with so many talented people."

'Pet Shop Boys' tells the story of pet shop employee Jack - portrayed by Irv - who embarks on an affair with Alejandro (Bernal).

Louis Cancelmi, Emmanuelle Seigner, Jordi Molla, Camille Rowe, Angela Sarafyan, and Maribel Verdu will also appear in the movie.

Olmo, Irv and Galen Core have co-written the film.

Producer Francesco Melzi d’Eril added: "I fell in love with Olmo’s project.

"We see in this project a knowing portrait of young people today in New York City.

"Many films try to capture this, but with Olmo’s lived experience, sensibility, and perceptive eye we believe he is telling a specific story that will resonate for a generation.

"I enthusiastically decided with my partner, Gabriele, to come on board. Working with this amazing group of talented young professionals was so stimulating and fun."